Blood glucose meter
Blood glucose meter
Blood glucose meter

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Blood glucose meter
Finetest Auto-Coding Premium

Blood glucose meter
Blood glucose meter
Blood glucose meter
Blood glucose meter
Blood glucose meter
Blood glucose meter
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Finetest ™ Auto-coding Premium glucose meter manufactured by DOOSAN (South Korea).


  • Perpetual warranty;
  • High precision;
  • Proven reliability;
  • The speed of the analysis;
  • Ease of use;
  • Memory for 365 measurements;
  • 7 additional functions.

The unique auto-coding technology combines precision and simplicity. For the study, you just need to insert a test strip into the port of the glucose meter, the device will encode itself. Both a child and an elderly person can measure blood glucose levels. The screen size and large numbers allow people with poor eyesight to see the indicators.

The body of the glucose meter is shock-resistant, compact, at the same time it fits comfortably in the hand and does not slip, thanks to the rubberized side parts.

Units of measurement in mmol/l. Memory for 365 measurements makes it possible to save the results and analyze the data for a long time.

The presence of an outdoor temperature sensor eliminates erroneous results at very high or very low measurement temperatures.

The function of contactless extraction of spent test strips is safety for others. To get the test strip, it is enough to use the ejector of the device. This is very important if the measurements are not carried out independently, but with the help of another person.

The multi-user mode allows the device to be used in parallel for several people (up to 100 users).

The organizer function will allow you to save additional data about the measurement (food intake, medications, physical activity).

The alarm function allows you to set up to 5 reminders about the need for measurement, which is especially important for elderly patients.

ManufacturerOsang (Infopia)
СountrySouth Korea
Expiration datePerpetual warranty
Purpose of the deviceTo measure blood glucose
Measurement methodElectrochemical
Measuring range0.6 - 33.3 mmol/l
Method of useManual
Measurement time9 seconds
Memory365 dimensions
PC connectionVia a special USB cable
The number of studies on one set of batteries47 g (with battery)
Size, (L×W×H)88×55×21 (mm)
Weight48 g (with battery)
Storage conditionsStore in a cool, dry place from +2°C to +30°With out of direct sunlight
Type of measurementCapillary blood
Blood volume1.5 µl
  • Finetest Auto – Coding Premium Blood Glucose Meter - 1pc.;
  • Finger piercing device - 1pc.;
  • Lancets - 1pc.;
  • Test strips - 1pc.;
  • The operating instructions are in Russian - 1pc.;
  • Notepad for recording measurement results - 1pc.;
  • Storage Case - 1pc.;
  • A set of batteries - 1pc.;